Carrissa Look (Singer)
kenny Emerson (Guitar)

John Ovrebo (Alto Sax)

The Soul Cats : Members

Michael Roberts (Trumpet)

Born Sheffield England, Played trumpet from the age of Seven. The trumpet was a gift from my Grandfather who at the time was a famous drummer in England, who played numerous times at Royal variety shows. At the age of 10, played Solo at the Royal Albert Hall, and again at the age of 14 at a mass band concert.  Both times in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen. At the age of 14 passed all exams for The Royal Collage of Music and learned to play numerous instruments.  At 17 years of age and on, played professionally for touring bands, along with being a Session Musician.  Over this period of time, I played with a number of top recording stars and traveled the Globe.  Relocated from England to California in 1995 as a Sales Director for a national Company and continued playing music purely as a hobby.  

In 2010, put a full on soul band together with children.  The Soul Mates band consisted of lead and base guitar, key boards, percussion, trumpet, alto and tenor sax, trombone and vocals. Teaching them was rather like herding cattle. However, Soul Mates became very well known, with all the cutest and talent.  Soul Mates played many venues that included: theaters, festivals, corporate events, headlining at SoHo and making television appearances.  Soul Mates were a great time of my life that lasted four years. In their final year of being together, Soul Mates played thirty seven gigs and did three television appearances.
In 2014, I had the inspiration to put together a Soul Band of grown ups and for me to be back on stage blasting the trumpet. I currently play with two bands: Valley Wind Ensemble for twenty one years and Soul Cats for two years. Love it; I am truly having a BLAST!

Roger Wolin (Tenor Sax)
Greg Gorman (Bari-sax)
Patrick Harrigan (Harp, Sound,  Singer)

Born and raised in Santa Barbara County, Shane was brought up listening to a lot of classic and southern rock, Motown, and country music.  Besides the mandatory singing, dancing, and playing of instruments through grade school, the first instrument, out of school,  he played was the bass guitar at age thirteen.  His main instrument in school a couple years prior and later was the tuba.  Months after getting the bass, Shane was playing regularly in a church worship band, after school rock program, and a garage band.
He has been in rock, worship, jazz, coral, alternative, concert, pep, and marching bands and a couple of choirs.  The main gigging band that Shane has played in, in the last twelve years, has been the classic rock band, Are We Not Horses, which he still plays with from time to time. 
Shane has also made some of his own instruments.  Other than bass, he can play guitar, stand-up bass, tin whistle, piano, ukulele, autoharp, drum kit, and other percussion instruments.  In late 2014, Michael Roberts recruited Shane into the Soul Cats to play the bass and sing, in which The Soul Cats refer to as Sugar Shane.


Born in Kansas to his  father, Dave Peck, who was a professional musician band leader, and music teacher, Bob got his start pulling the bass drum cart for his father's high school marching band at the age of six. By the time he was eight years old he had graduated to marching  snare playing in Central Coast parades and band camps.
 As a teen, Bob started several of his own bands, such as Four Play, Frog, Forest, and Motor Head, covering 70's rock. 
In the '90's Bob and his family relocated to Casper, Wyoming where he put together heavy metal bands, Strych IX and Graven Image, and a power trio named Trilogy playing all original music in local venues and  state competitions. 
Returning to the Central Coast in the early 2000's, Bob and his wife, Vicky, formed an acoustic band called The Believers with Bob on the jembe and Vicky on percussion and back up vocals. Covering old school country music, blues, and rock and roll, The Believers played local venues such as Solvang's Royal Copenhagen Hotel and The Touch and Los Alamos' Ghostriders and Steel Horse saloons.
In 2014 Bob was introduced to Michael Roberts and invited to play drums for The Soulcats. 

Miles Pepe Castro White (Singer)

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Dave Yarnel (piano)

Keyboard player/singer for The Soul Cats.Originally from Chicago(blues capital)Illinois.Number one priority is entertaining audiences.He is quoted as saying," If at the end of the night I have contributed anything towards putting on a show for the people, then my work is done.Hope to see you at our next engagement.  

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